my new favorite sketchbook

  dear september you have arrived.  nights are chilly and autumnal.  i wear a flannel shirt on the porch at night.  days are mild.  summer is almost over. every year since 1989 you’ve been just like this.  except the opposite.  hot dry crispy over 100 […]

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still playing

this is what i decided to do with my leftover postcards from sweden… draw on the back with my pentel pocket brush pen.  the paper is smooth and the pen glides along. which, for your information, is most agreeable. syd & mary are joining me […]

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moon through the trees

August Reads

lately i’ve been reading out on my porch at dusk until it’s completely dark.  last night i ran inside to get my zoom lens for some moon shots.  it’s been awhile. the last couple of days THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN has been my porch […]

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travel journal

Video Flip-Through of Travel Journal

secrets of traveling light revealed! and with this i conclude the stockholm travel journal show. i sewed the closure button back on, did some “epilogue” writing on one of the pages, added the last photo, made the video this morning, and thaz it! if the […]

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late summer

it’s succulents gone wild over here! time for some pruning & relocating. topsy turvy is spinning out of her giant pot.  as she grows, the thick stem just gets longer and longer.  when the enormous flower stalks began to shoot up…well, that just pushed her […]

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bird by bird

                                          bird by bird, as anne lamott says.  bird by bird, bit by bit, poco a poco i’m wrapping it up. the sunday finish line […]

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collage to the rescue!

        adding photos and collaging my way through the last of the white pages in the travel journal.  i expect to cross the finish line on sunday.  can you please be there with a bottle of cold water and a slice of […]

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ingrids photo

stockholm travel journal chapter 7

here’s that bedroom chandelier i sketched in my travel journal.  i enjoyed staring up at it each night while i lay in bed, imagining where else it had hung, and who else had admired it. in a burst of unprecedented speed yestereday, i came very […]

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stockholm travel journalF

stockholm travel journal part 6

stockholm travel journal redux.  i’ll be posting these till every last page is uploaded so if you’re wondering when i’m going to hop off the one-track-mind train and get onto something else the answer is not until i’m done.  i’m programmed to stay on the […]

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swedish tin

throwing caution to the wind

hello you plucky few readers who have managed to find me across vast distances of time & space, hello!   things are settling down from the move to wordpress.  the movers pulled out and here i am with a giant stack of boxes to unpack. […]

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i broke the internet

  hello friends! if you just landed here, welcome!  if you just landed here and expected to be somewhere else, welcome! i flipped the switch a bit too soon on the transfer of my blog from typepad to wordpress and inadvertently caused all the blogs […]

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my travel journal from sweden part 4

more pages from my giant stockholm travel journal. some of the pages unfold. this one for example looks like it’s double-sided, but after unfolding it’s got 6 sides. whoopty-doo! who knew when i went to sweden i would meet such a lovable doggy? not me! […]

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my new house at wordpress

i’ve written 1698 posts, received 29,053 comments, and the blog has received 2,970,665 views over the course of it’s digital life.  shite!  not blowing my own trombone, just throwing a few factoids out if you’re interested.  up above is an image of my very first […]

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doing stuff

this was a painting in ingrid’s beach cottage where i had the great privilege to stay last month.  on a lovely island near strömstad in the skagerrak sea.  you’ve heard me say that before.  i like stringing those particular words together. on a lovely island […]

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speaking of tiny sketchbooks…

here are a few pics of tiny sketchbook no. 2 – i use it for car sketching. which. i think is an extremely excellent way to spend 20 minutes.  i just pull over wherever.  unless i’m having repair work done on the old jalopy.  then […]

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3×5 stockholm sketchbook

what follows is every page of the 3×5 moleskine i carried in my bag for quick sketches. most of them were done while i was on trains, busses, at parks, on a boat, etc., except for a couple i did from the balcony of my […]

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stockholm travel journal part 2

happy saturday wanderlusters!  we’re having mild summer days in LA.  windows open wide.  neighborhood sounds filtering inside.  i’m sowing seeds of idleness.   i smell bbq.  a small plane just flew over.  my neighbor is playing in the blow up pool with her grandbaby and…reading […]

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